The October 22nd Alliance is a loose coalition of advocates for the homeless in Broward County, FL, and activists from other realms of the Universe whose aim is to confront and undo the systemic conditions which render homelessness an inevitable reality in our fundamentally unequal society.

Led by Jeff Weinberger, a full-time organizer, nourished by the undying commitment and support of local clergy folk from a variety of religious disciplines, non-religion based advocates working both inside and outside the system, and unhoused folk, our work primarily focuses by various means on challenging laws which criminalize the existence of homeless individuals.

Beyond our local work, we are organizing with homeless advocates across Florida to create useful data-driven research studies on the impacts of criminalization and to push for humane and fiscally sound solutions to homelessness, especially more affordable housing and alternative models of land ownership. We are organizing toward introducing a Homeless Bill of Rights in the Florida legislature in 2017. We also are part of a national network of advocates with close ties to the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty.

We are most importantly committed to confronting and changing a culture, rooted in fear and misunderstanding, which both demonizes homeless individuals and seeks to marginalize them to the outer edge of society. As some have put it, homeless folk are, indeed, Invisible People. This culture exists in the seats of Power, in the business community whose interests that Power serves, and among the public at large. Too often it is present even within the system designed to raise the homeless from their plight, which we refer to as the ‘Homelessness-Industrial Complex’.


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